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When undergoing surgery, you need to put your trust in the medical professionals. In the vast majority, surgeries and the recovery following surgery goes well. However, there are occasions when mistakes are made.

All surgical procedures have an element or risk, but when mistakes are made which causes you further suffering, you may be entitled to compensation for surgery negligence.

What mistakes can occur as a result of negligent surgery?

Tiredness, lack of training, miscommunication and incompetence can all lead to mistakes being made during surgery.

General surgery medical negligence refers to the following scenarios:

  • Misdiagnosis of patient’s condition
  • Caused infection from poor hygiene
  • Failure to interpret x-rays scans and MRI’s correctly
  • Carrying out unnecessary surgery following a misdiagnosis
  • Failure to gain the patient’s consent to carry out with the surgery (with the exception of emergency surgery)
  • Misinformed risks associated with the procedure given to the patient
  • Caused nerve damage or injury to your organs
  • Operating on the incorrect part of the body
  • Leaving surgical instruments inside the body following surgery
  • Poor results from surgery
  • Poor aftercare
  • Drug and medication errors following procedures

When errors and oversights are made, it can cause unnecessary pain and suffering to the injured person and can even worsen their condition with devastating outcomes. If you’ve suffered an injury from an operation then you could make a claim. Contact our solicitors today.

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