Property Finance and Secured Lending

We can help lenders, property debt funds and borrowers on financial matters where the main security is property. By bringing together our knowledge of banking and finance, real estate, construction, planning and tax, we can offer you advice on a range of issues including:

  • Bilateral and syndicated loan agreements
  • Domestic and cross-border transactions
  • Intercreditor arrangements
  • Loan acquisitions
  • Drafting and negotiating amendments, waivers and variations
  • Due diligence
  • Negotiating and reporting on construction documents
  • Securitised loan control rights

Sherwin O’Riordan LLP will assist you from the inception of any property related lending project to ensuring the legal and security aspects of the deal are completely water-tight.  We will advise with the initial scoping and due diligence necessary to assess the risks and potential returns to be gained from a commercial lending arrangement.

As ours is a full-service law firm, our property and commercial law teams will coordinate with our other law specialities, including taxation, environmental law, and contract law to provide a complete picture of any risks you as a lender will face, and how best to mitigate them.  In doing so, we will provide considerable added-value to your projects by seeking to look at the wider picture of the transaction.

Our team are highly experienced at undertaking the perfection of security, whether through a legal mortgage, equitable mortgage, fixed charge, or floating charge, whether the land is registered or unregistered.

We have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure success in property transactions, and have previously worked with a range of clients including high net worth individuals, property companies and asset managers.

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