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Employment law is one of the most complicated areas of the law –the law is specific and complex – and should only be handled by specialist employment lawyers.

Our specialist employment solicitors have the experience to help you manage employment problems by working with you in the background where required, as well as providing full legal representation. Our lawyers will always consider and advise on alternative dispute resolution procedures to help you resolve your issue as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

Acknowledged as leading practitioners in this complex field, our employment lawyers understand the imperative to help keep careers on track at the same time as seeking to ensure that justice is done. With this in mind, we’re here to offer prompt, authoritative legal advice and representation anywhere in Ireland. When you call SOR Solicitors LLP, you can always be sure that your case will be dealt with expertly and efficiently.

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Our team of Employment Law Solicitors in Dublin are experts in the field of employment claims and will ensure you achieve the best outcome possible. Whether you are an employer or employee, we will be there to assist you with your legal issues.

We offer practical and commercial advice and skilled litigation services and have represented and advised clients in hundreds of employment related matters: including legal issues in Employer/Employee Relationship, Representation in Court,  the Workplace Relations, Commission and the Labour Court, Employment Equality Issues, Bullying Claims and Disciplinary Matters, Trade Disputes, Protected Disclosures/Whistleblowing, Group Reorganisations, Insolvencies, Outsourcing Contracts and Staff Policies and Compliance Advice.

We help you:

Lower business risk through improved legal compliance
Increase profits from improved staff performance and productivity
Reduce risk of leavers damaging the company
Provide peace of mind for managers

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