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Familiarising yourself with what you need to do to be GDPR compliant can be extremely challenging. Our specialist data protection solicitors will work closely with you to understand your business and provide advice tailored to your current commercial situation and future strategic goals.

Our team’s deep data protection knowledge has developed over years of work in this complex and intricate area of law. This means that we can support your in-house counsel or data protection officers, working alongside your data protection officer.

Our lawyers can help you with all aspects of GDPR and data protection compliance from taking you through the initial steps of compliance, by carrying out a GDPR Audit to assess where you currently stand to helping you plan and implement your compliance strategy.

We also routinely advise businesses on day to day issues such as managing subject access requests (SAR/DSAR) and Data Breaches, and on ensuring that your contracts are GDPR-compliant.

If and when a breach does occur we are on hand to help to provide an urgent response and ensure proper processes are implemented, an independent investigation is conducted and evidence relevant to defending a claim collated.

What Is The GDPR?

The GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 control how organisations collect, use and store people’s personal information.

Its aim is to harmonise data protection legislation across all EU member states.  Companies based outside the EU which process EU citizens’ data must also comply with the GDPR.

There are strict requirements of compliance under Data Protection legislation for both data processors and controllers to ensure that individuals’ data privacy rights are respected.

Businesses need to follow the seven principles of the GDPR:

  1. Lawfulness, fairness and transparency
  2. Purpose limitations
  3. Data minimisation
  4. Accuracy
  5. Storage limitation
  6. Integrity and confidentiality
  7. Accountability

What GDPR problems could arise?

Data protection not only includes personal information relating to staff but also covers your customers’ and suppliers’ personal data and any data you are storing or managing for a third party.

We advise on all areas of data protection and privacy including:

  • What are your legal obligations under Data Protection Law?
  • How does your business need to adopt changes to ensure compliance under GDPR?
  • Data protection registration;
  • Data protection policies and procedures;
  • Where a data processor is engaged, ensure data protection standards are maintained;
  • Data Protection audits;
  • Lawful use of image capture technology, CCTV and other processing equipment;
  • Data protection in the workplace including presenting to key employees;
  • Reviewing data subject requests for access and possible exemptions;
  • Restrictions on exporting data outside the EEA;
  • Right to privacy under the Irish constitution.

If your business doesn’t comply with GDPR, it could face very severe penalties such as fines of up to €20m or 4% of your worldwide annual turnover (whichever is higher). Individuals can also bring claims against you if you misuse their personal data which can lead to you being liable for damages.

Data breaches can also cause serious reputational damage to your business. Getting data protection right however builds trust in your clients and business partners.

What organisation manages data protection in Ireland?

The Data Protection Commission is the body which oversees data protection in Ireland and is the national supervising authority for the purposes of the GDPR.

We have been advising on data protection for many years and can advise you on any aspect of dealing with the Data Protection Commission.

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