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Employment law is one of the most complicated areas of the law –the law specific, and complex – and should only be handled by specialist employment lawyers.

Employment law issues can become costly, time-consuming and stressful if you do not handle them quickly. With our help, you can develop the right policies to ensure legal compliance, or proactively resolve problems before they grow.

Acknowledged as leading practitioners in this complex field, our employment lawyers understand the imperative to help keep careers on track at the same time as seeking to ensure that justice is done. With this in mind, we are here to offer prompt, authoritative legal advice and representation anywhere in Ireland. When you call SOR Solicitors LLP, you will always be sure that your case will be dealt with expertly and efficiently.


Client Reviews

Derek Byrne,
Electroplus Group

Every time I call James, or one of his partners, I get them and they deal with any issues I have with a minimum of fuss and commercial approach. They also have a genuine interest in my company. As a result, they are now our first call before we make a decision to do anything that might impact our business in any way. Their knowledge and service are second to none.

Justin Cahill,
CMC Platform Financials

We simply cannot fault the service we receive from SOR. They have specialist solicitors in each area where we need advice and we’ve had contact with 4 different partners during the last 14 months, and the experience has been the same each time. Really really good.

Ron Walsh,
Manepa Limited

We were really impressed with the practical approach and commercial sense both partners brought to our transaction. Their knowledge on the financial documents and commercial agreements was impressive but it was their ‘always reachable’ attitude that impressed us most.

Shane Crilly,
Base Pizza

We are an industry leader in the area of high end pizza creation and delivery. We have many legal requirements from commercial agreements to employment law advices. Sherwin O’Riordan are always there to steer us through all our legal issues and the fee level is always very reasonable.

Geoff Ryan,

We are a growing software firm, with an international blue chip customer base. We have found the Sherwin O’Riordan team to be reliable, very responsive in cases of tight deadlines, business focused and have given us sound commercial legal advice.

Carol Boate,
National Lottery Regulator

Deirdre is a superbly able and effective strategy and policy professional. She has the rare combination of not only the ability to understand and distill complex issues but also the skills to communicate with a variety of people across organisations and at different levels. Deirdre has a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience of Irish regulatory, technology and legal fields. I would have no hesitation in recommending Deirdre.

Bill Ingram,
SourceChain Marketplace

Where others flapped and embellished, Deirdre cut through the noise, understood our needs and delivered the results we required. Having worked with may corporate law firms over the years their ability to waste time and resource on long winded, jumped up documentation still leaves me flabbergasted, thankfully not the case with Deirdre. Could not recommend highly enough for Data Protection and Commercial Contract support/advice.

Joe Barrett,
Applegreen PLC

We are always impressed with the practical approach and commercial sense that the partners bring to help resolve our legal issues. Their knowledge of employment law in particular is excellent but it is their ‘always reachable’ attitude that impresses us most.

Cormac Manning,

We have many legal requirements from commercial agreements to employment law advice. Sherwin O’Riordan are always there to steer us through all our legal issues and the fee level is always very reasonable.

Why Choose Us

Our team of Employment Law Solicitors in Dublin are experts in the field of employment claims and will ensure you achieve the best outcome possible. Whether your claim involves an employer or employee, we will be there to assist you with your legal issues.

We offer practical and commercial advice and skilled litigation services and have represented clients in hundreds of employment related matters: legal issues in Employer/Employee Relationship, Representation in Court, the Workplace Relations Commission and  theLabour Court, Employment Equality Issues, Bullying Claims and Disciplinary Matters, Trade Disputes, Protected Disclosures/Whistleblowing, Group Reorganisations, Insolvencies, Outsourcing Contracts and Staff Policies and Compliance Advice. Our experienced solicitors will:

Lower business risk through improved legal compliance
Reduce risk of leavers damaging the company
Increase profits from improved staff performance and productivity
Provide peace of mind for managers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I been selected for redundancy?

Unfortunately, if roles within your company will no longer exist, perhaps because of a downturn in profitability, it’s legal for  the company to make redundancies. However, employees being made redundant must be selected fairly on largely objective criteria such as, performance or disciplinary records. It’s unlawful for you to be selected for redundancy based on discrimination.

Can I make a claim for unfair dismissal?

Most people can make a claim for unfair dismissal as long as they’ve been in continuous employment for at least two years. The main exception to this rule is where you believe you’re being discriminated against.

Can I be made redundant while I'm pregnant?

You cannot be made redundant because you are pregnant If this happened, you would be able to make a discrimination claim under the Equality Act 2010. However, if other redundancies were being made and you were selected for reasons other than  pregnancy or maternity, you could still be made redundant.

My new contract includes a 'non-compete'. Should I sign it?

Non-competes, also known as restrictive covenants aren’t always legally enforceable. It’s always worth getting a solicitor to review an employment contract before you sign, just to make sure that its terms are reasonable and that it reflects what you think has been agreed regarding other things like salary and bonuses.