Whiplash Legal Advice

What is Whiplash?

It is highly likely if you have been in a car accident, you have suffered whiplash as it is a very common injury.  Whiplash occurs when your head snaps backward and forwards as a result of being hit by another car or the car that you are travelling in crashing.  It can be very painful.  Beware however that the pain or the injury itself might not become apparent for a few days.  If you have suffered a whiplash injury the likely symptoms are:

  1. Stiff neck
  2. Mild to severe headaches
  3. Impaired vision
  4. Pain in your neck
  5. Some physiological issues

It is therefore very important that if you have been in a car accident you are assessed by a doctor as soon as possible after the accident to see whether or not you have whiplash.

There is no one form of whiplash and it can impact your lower back, your shoulders, your spine and the neck itself and the length of time it takes to get better varies from injury to injury.

What should you do if you have whiplash?

The first person you should call is your doctor who will likely refer you to a physiotherapist. Our advice is always to go to a chartered physiotherapist who will be able to give you the required treatment.  It may be that you will require to see a consultant and if so this can be arranged.

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