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If a particular role is no longer needed, you may need to make an employee or group of employees redundant. Our employment lawyers can help you plan for and follow the correct legal process if this happens.

It is a difficult decision to make members of staff redundant. It is a delicate process for everyone, and it is important that the process is fair and transparent. In our experience we see employers getting the redundancy process wrong more times than they get it right. The process and procedure are critical. The processes that should govern redundancy that apply to employers are:

Sherwin O’Riordan LLP is a leading commercial law firm that offers comprehensive legal services to employers, to help them navigate the complex field of employment law. If you are concerned about how the laws governing redundancy apply to your business, please contact our team today. We can also help with a range of other employment law services including discrimination & equality issues and settlement agreements.

Why should you use Sherwin O’Riordan LLP?

  • All of our employment lawyers are recognised as leading specialists in this area, not only in Dublin but in Ireland. They are all regular speakers and commentators on employment law issues.
  • We work closely with the Small Firms Association advising their members.
  • We have dealt with many cases like yours on a regular basis, whatever your employment issue is.
  • We know what a fair settlement amount is and we know what isn’t. We also know what procedures and processes should be followed and we know where most of the mistakes are made.
  • We have also settled cases for employers who have received bad advice because their lawyer isn’t a specialist employment lawyer who settles the case for more than the case is worth, and in the case of employees who have settled for less than the case is worth.

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