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How can Settlement Agreements be used to resolve disputes?

Where there is disagreement between an employer and employee, a Settlement Agreement can be used to bring the issue to an end to each party’s mutual satisfaction.

Most commonly they are used when the relationship between employer and employee has become unsustainable, and a clean break is required.

The content of a Settlement Agreement will tend to reflect the result of negotiations between employer and employee, so it is unwise to generalise on what the detail of every Settlement Agreement will be as it will depend on the circumstances in each instance. A settlement agreement however that has been properly negotiated and accurately drafted will, in most cases, provide for the following:

  • An employee agreeing to waive any right that they have to raise legal proceedings in the courts or employment tribunal against their employer; and,
  • An employer agreeing to provide the employee with some level of compensation as part of the agreement.

When should Settlement Agreements be raised in a discussion?

The timing of the use of a Settlement Agreement is a matter of judgment. It is generally advisable that both employer and employee use every option open to them, through negotiation and discussion, to attempt to resolve their difficulties without recourse to litigation.

In general, it is advisable that a Settlement Agreement forms part of a wider discussion and negotiation between employer and employee on the conditions of the employment relationship. In severe cases it is not uncommon, where both parties believe there are sufficient grounds to warrant a termination of the employment relationship, for a Settlement Agreement to feature.

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