Medical Misdiagnosis Lawyers Dublin

Diagnosis is a critical part of the medical process and it’s vitally important that your medical professional performs any diagnosis in accordance with the general approved practice appropriate for that condition.

This will involve a detailed inquiry with the patient into their symptoms, and care decisions will be made in light of the range of medical approaches available.

As it’s the very first step in the process, a misdiagnosis can set off a negative chain of events which may result in undesirable consequences for the patient. A bad diagnosis may occur by misinterpretation of the symptoms or ordering the wrong test. There may also be failures in communication which could have occurred at a critical point in a person’s care. It may become obvious at a later stage that a mistake has been made but depending on what steps have been taken, steps to reverse the damage may be required.

What Is Misdiagnosis?

There are two main types of misdiagnosis:

  • Incorrect or missed diagnosis – when a medical professional diagnoses you with the wrong condition or fails to diagnose any problem at all.
  • Late diagnosis – when your condition is identified late, causing delays in treatment.

A misdiagnosis can be made by any HSE or private medical professional who’s responsible for diagnosis.

Misdiagnosis may occur if your GP or consultant fails to interpret test results accurately, examine you properly or refer you to the correct specialist.

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