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We’ll take control of the management of your case so you can concentrate fully on your recovery.

On Ireland’s busy roads, cyclists are incredibly vulnerable.  Not only can drivers often fail to leave room or pay sufficient attention, potholes pose an ever-increasing risk of injury.

The cycling team at Sherwin O’Riordan LLP is made up of approachable lawyers, experienced in litigating the most complex and serious accident cases and representing cyclists across the full range of claims.

Our expert team has many years of experience in handling accident claims.  Notably, we have successfully recovered millions of euros for people whose lives have been devastated by serious and life-changing cycling injuries and for the families of those tragically killed whilst cycling.

What are the most common causes of cycling accidents?

There are many causes of cycling accidents which Sherwin O’Riordan LLP’s cycling experts deal with on a regular basis.  The most common we deal with include:

  • Road traffic collisions
  • Accidents involving accidents
  • Defective equipment
  • Potholes and road defects
  • Car door collisions

The Road Safety Authority has reported that more than 100 cyclists are seriously injured every year on Irish roads.  While many of these are never reported, some lead to serious injuries and even fatalities.

Where you’ve been injured in a cycling accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may have the right to compensation.  Even if no one else is involved and you have been injured by a dangerous pothole or other road defect; if the local council or highways agency has been negligent, we could get you the compensation you deserve.

How can claiming compensation help me?

Taking a claim in these circumstances may be necessary to compensate you for your medical bills, which may include rehabilitation costs. Those costs can vary greatly depending on severity of the accident. While less incidents may involve minor grazes or lacerations or damage to your bicycle, others may be significant resulting in broken bones, head injuries or death. In the event of a prolonged recovery period that prevents you from returning to work, a personal injuries claim may include compensation for loss of earnings, if for example you work using your bike, and you’re unable to work in that job post-accident then this must be taken into account in compensating you for your losses.

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Sherwin O’Riordan LLP have extensive experience in collision cases involving cyclists and will be able to make an initial assessment as to the strength of your claim and advise you on your chance of success. We have many years experience investigating accidents such as these and coming to a satisfactory settlement as quickly as possible. You will receive straightforward advice on how long it will take to conclude the case. Our team will arrange for you to see the right medical expert depending on your injuries. We’ll take control of the management of your case so you can concentrate fully on your recovery.

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